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    • About Tunage

      Tunage is Jungle & Drum'n'Bass radio show. Tunage is Drum'n'Bass community of people from Odessa, Kyiv, and basically, everywhere. Tunage is a party we hold, where we play Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, UK Bass, Garage.

    • Radio Show

      Tunage is Jungle & Drum'n'Bass radio show, standing permanently on the basis of online radio station 20ftradio, physically located in 31, Nizhneyurkivska street, Kyiv, Ukraine.
      You can watch live shows on 20ftradio , or watch entire show history on Youtube.

    • Events

      Every single live show is a party we hold for our listeners in the area of radio station. We love to see you in person and hear your feedbacks.
      Tunage holds series of parties in Kyiv, Odessa and other cities. You can follow our Facebook page so that you don't miss our next event.

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      You can book Tunage for your event. We are happy to cooperate and perform our live DJ Sets at your event. For details, please contact us at:

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Tunage - Episode #23

Leftie - Tunage Special mix

Sknkwrks - Warming Up

Strictly - Warming Up

Leftie - Warming Up

F117 - Winter Rollin'